Emergenetics Selection Program (ESP)

ESP reveals a candidate's job motivation and aptitude so you can determine if there is a match in job compatibility and performance.

Emergenetics Selection Programme empowers HR and hiring managers by simplifying the process of finding talent.

In one integrated system built on a platform of scientific research, you can clearly define position expectations, then use psychometric data to accurately narrow your candidate pool to only those who best fit the job and the organisation.

The ESP Process

Three step ESP process outline

ESP Assessment

The ESP Assessment provides customised feedback on all of your candidates. Using a simple, colour-coded approach, the easy-to-read one page format helps you to quickly identify those candidates that best align with your position.


MOTIVATORS indicate attitudes, preferences, and motivations, highlighting how a candidate will work or act in a job setting. Alignment of motivators is crucial in determining best fit for the position as well as for organisational culture.

APTITUDES assess concrete skill-level in a number of areas. They determine that the candidate has the right skills for the position. Alignment with desired skill levels ensures that a potential new hire will be neither too challenged nor too bored in the position.

JOB PRIORITY indicates the level of importance an applicant places on work, job goals, and work ethic. A person with high job priority is willing to make sacrifices for the job.


Become Certified to Deliver the Emergenetics Selection Programme

ESP Certification is a 2.5-day workshop designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to manage and implement the entire ESP process and integrate it seamlessly into an existing hiring process.

Gain the knowledge to:

  • Consult on job expectations and tailor job profiles for each unique position
  • Carry out the ESP assessment
  • Analyse and compare candidates
  • Identify candidates that are a good fit for the role
  • Tailor behavioural interview questions and personalise onboarding

If you’re interested in becoming certified in ESP, please get in touch.