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Emergenetics Profile

Revealing Preferences. Realising Potential.

Developed through years of psychometric research, the Emergenetics Profile uniquely measures how people think and behave. With this knowledge, individuals and teams can develop strategies to improve communication, productivity and performance.

Emergenetics modelThe Emergenetics Profile accurately measures three behavioural attributes (Expressiveness, Assertiveness, Flexibility) and four thinking attributes (Analytical, Structural, Social, Conceptual).

The attributes are represented in a clear, colour-coded report, making it memorable and applicable immediately.

Behavioural Attributes

The outward display of emotions toward others and the world-at-large

The style and pace with which you advance thoughts, feelings, and beliefs

The willingness to accommodate the thoughts and actions of others

Thinking Attributes

An interest in logic, data and understanding the reasoning behind things

An interest in process and following rules and guidelines

An interest in people and relationships

An interest in the big-picture, visioning and new ideas

Why Use the Emergenetics Profile?

  • Measures both thinking and behavioural preferences separately and distinctively
  • Scientifically robust – valid and reliable
  • Easy to read, interpret and remember
  • An innovative mobile app providing a personal coach in your pocket
  • Everyone is placed on a scale, nobody is boxed in
  • Creates a positive, strengths-based language
  • Easy to integrate into existing development initiatives


Each Profile includes full access to the Emergenetics+ mobile app. Emergenetics+ extends the Profile experience into an interactive environment, providing a mobile-ready version of your Profile, as well as those of colleagues, managers, and direct reports. The app enables you to directly compare Profiles for similarities, differences and interaction recommendations, create group Profile reports and access practical communication tips.

Already have an Emergenetics Profile? Download the app.

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