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Power of WE Workshops

The Power of WE modules drive performance by equipping individuals and teams to leverage their strengths in key business skills and functions.

A great next step after a Meeting of the Minds workshop, Power of WE modules enable individuals and teams to dig deeper into an essential business function through the lens of Emergenetics. The workshops equip participants with the fundamental skills and high-level competencies needed to drive the function forward and create a collaborative, high-performing environment.

The Emergenetics Profile and our signature approach to thinking and behaviour are integrated at every step, providing a dynamic and interactive learning experience for participants.

Power of WE Workshops

Accelerating Team Performance

Optimise performance by understanding and leveraging the cognitive and behavioural diversity within your teams. Building upon the Meeting of the Minds, Participants will examine current team dynamics through an Emergenetics lens and learn how to integrate a WEapproach in their daily work.

Crafting Team Norms

Maximise productivity and results by establishing commitment to operational excellence. Participants will discuss the values and behaviours that are important to the team, define their own set of operating norms and establish a process to implement them in the workplace.

Managing Change

Sustain high performance by taking control of change in your organisation. Participants will explore the impact of a shifting work environment and how to support themselves and each other through change. They will also develop tools and techniques to actively manage the change process.

Building Trust

Develop a culture of trust, collaboration and accountability to enable your people to reach their highest potential. Participants will explore how trust is built, cultivated and maintained for different people. They will gauge the current level and develop an action plan to address any areas of opportunity.

Fostering Innovation

Energise and drive your organisation forward by creating a culture of innovation. Participants will examine the strengths that all of the Emergenetics attributes bring to the innovation process and develop practices to facilitate ideas, creativity and problem-solving.

Respecting Differences

Harness the power of individual diversity to build stronger relationships and elevate results. Participants will discuss their differences using the positive language of Emergenetics. They will learn to appreciate and adapt to each other and use their differences as a source of strength.

Contact us to find out more or to talk to us about how the Power of WE modules could support your organisation.

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