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Take the Emergenetics Profile

An easy, online process that reveals your thinking and behavioral preferences.

It’s easy to see results with Emergenetics or STEP (Student/Teacher Emergenetics Program). With our simple online questionnaire, individuals and organizations can take the Profile and gain a completely new viewpoint on how they approach their life and their work.

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Before you take the test, we’d like to highlight to you the following:

The Emergenetics questionnaire is a self-descriptive test, meaning you choose the answers that best describe you. This questionnaire was designed to determine your Thinking and Behavioral Attributes, and to compare them to the general population.

Emergenetics International holds all Profile and Report results in strict confidence and will not release information without your expressed consent. The Emergenetics International offices and the Certified Emergenetics Associate conducting your workshop or debrief will have access to your Profile/Report results. By submitting your Profile/Report, you acknowledge and agree to the above statement.

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