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Emergenetics+ Mobile App

Connect with colleagues and friends to enhance your communication and collaboration.

Our proprietary mobile app was developed to make Emergenetics part of your daily interactions at work and at home for anyone with an Emergenetics’ Profile.

The app allows users to connect with co-workers, family and friends who also have an Emergenetics Profile and provides practical applications to put your preferences into practice.

Emergenetics+ Mobile AppThrough a fun, interactive experience, the Emergenetics+ app dynamically facilitates effective communication and interaction by providing clear-cut personalized tips based on the unique attributes of any person’s Profile.

With the Emergenetics+ app, you can:

  • Connect with co-workers and friends who have an Emergenetics Profile
  • Compare Profiles for similarities, differences and interaction recommendations
  • Access practical communication tips to improve collaboration
  • Create and save groupings of multiple Profiles
  • Share Profiles and customized group reports
  • Access Emergenetics guides and work templates to apply Emergenetics in daily interactions with your colleagues

For businesses, Emergenetics+ provides a practical way to help leaders, managers and employees use Emergenetics to strengthen the way they interact, leading to more positive, effective teams and greater collaboration.

For individuals, the app provides tools that not only strengthen your working relationships; they also improve communication with your family members and friends.

Download the app today!

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