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Emergenetics eLearning

Go beyond the classroom. Emergenetics self-directed eLearning modules create powerful results in a virtual environment.

It’s a digital world. Your training can be too. Emergenetics eLearning brings the self-awareness, team building, and workplace effectiveness training into a digital realm. This allows organizations to deploy training across the world and build from dynamic Emergenetics learning in a sustainable and self-paced way.

Downloadable Learning Modules

We have the ability to incorporate Emergenetics insights into downloadable, self-paced modules that help develop key skill areas such as Interpersonal Skills, Relationship Building, Optimizing Team Success, Customer Service, and Managing Change.

Designed to be 15-30 minutes in length, eLearners will be able to explore Emergenetics topics in a self-directed and interactive way. We can also incorporate quizzes to ensure learning objectives are achieved.

Interactive Skill Building

Bring eLearning to life with Custom Avatars, Gaming Elements, and Audio Streams. Emergenetics eLearning builds on industry best practices including gamification, audio and video streams and the use of customizable avatars.

These features ensure employees stay motivated throughout the eLearning experience, increasing engagement and strengthening knowledge retention.

Image of eLearning describing what a percentile means
Image of eLearning describing what a percentile means
Image of the premise that you learn with your brain and body that function interactively
Image of expressiveness: the outward display of emotions towards the world at large
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