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Team Building and Collaboration

As part of the Publicis Groupe, VivaKi is the digital support network for over 16 agencies located around the world. Every year they host a summit, the Center of Excellence (COE), to bring together leaders from each of these 16 companies for learning, knowledge sharing, and team building.

The Business Challenge

VivaKi needed a solution that could easily fit into the larger COE Summit program agenda, and would energize attendees in a unique and engaging way. In most cases, COE participants have never worked with each other, come from assorted backgrounds, and encompass a diverse collection of leadership experience. It was crucial that the solution helped to develop trust and facilitate communication amongst participants to maximize learning gain and knowledge transfer.

The Solution

Emergenetics leveraged a Meeting of the Minds session tailored to the specific objectives to VivaKi’s Center of Excellence program. Attendees participated in dynamic exercises utilizing their own Emergenetics Profile insights and a cognitive diversity approach. The result was a unique, interactive learning session that facilitated enhanced communication and supported knowledge transfer.

Key Takeaways

VivaKi found that the Emergenetics Meeting of the Minds session led to:

  • Enhanced participant collaboration and fostered productive best-practice discussions.
  • Maximized cross-functional knowledge share.
  • Increased engagement of summit participants.
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