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Enhancing Organizational Effectiveness

Emergenetics is a big part of Lincoln Financial Group’s approach to people development and their organizational culture.

Lincoln actively focuses on cultivating a forward-thinking work environment where employees collaboratively and strategically approach the best ways advance the company.

To facilitate this model Lincoln has engaged in multifaceted leadership development programs and initiatives—with Emergenetics playing a key role in formulating and bolstering leaders, building and strengthening teams, and working through challenges.

Emergenetics has been used at Lincoln for over 15 years, and according to Bob Culver, Vice President of Business Strategy and Learning, most officers in the company are tuned into Emergenetics personally as well as with their teams. “We use Emergenetics quite often…it is such an integral part of our culture that people are just aware of it.”

Lincoln employs a variety of tools and processes to strengthen the way work is done and ultimately increase effectiveness. For Lincoln, Emergenetics is a flexible tool that enhances other organizational development initiatives and products. Emergenetics is used alongside different tools, like Emotional Intelligence, mind mapping, and others—this enables Lincoln employees to get a more unique and complete picture of themselves.

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