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Change Management

Ivy Tech Community College is in the midst of a major growth and development phase, with significant changes happening on an organizational and structural level. With their enrollment
skyrocketing, Ivy Tech needed an ongoing way to manage change and facilitate an open communication platform for leaders throughout the college.

Ivy Tech customized the Emergenetics Change Management Program to fit their organizational needs, focusing the program on enhancing organizational change strategies as well as individual approaches to change. And, because Emergenetics was already a trusted platform for learning and development, the Change Management program was instituted in a clear, results-driven manner.

“We really like Emergenetics and people understand it well. We were looking for a model that would look at change on an individual and organizational level and one with flexibility to meet our needs—Emergenetics fit that need.” – Marilyn Faulkenburg, EdD, Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs.

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