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Shari Biesboer
General Manager

Shari Biesboer is the General Manager of Emergenetics EMEA, where she leads the operational activities of the Dublin team. Prior to joining Emergenetics EMEA, Shari was the Director of Administrative Services at Emergenetics International and oversaw the day-to-day operations of the Emergenetics corporate headquarters in Denver, Colorado.

Shari’s interest in mind, body and spirit began with her undergraduate work at Ball State University. While she enjoyed teaching preschool children, Shari found herself most energized in the corporate environment of Emergenetics where she could align her interest in education and business, blending art and science in organizational management.

In her free time, Shari incorporates the body and spirit through her work as a Splankna Practitioner in “Energy Psychology”, a field of treatment protocols that seek to alleviate psychological symptoms via bio meridian manipulation. She is also passionate about volunteering and has dedicated a significant amount of time to the Girl Scouts of the USA and the Singing Youth of Denver.

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