Giving a better project brief with Emergenetics

Shana understands how she thinks and behaves: yellow-red 3-2-3, that is to say she prefers to think big picture, think of people, is naturally expressive and naturally flexible. She loves to expand on ideas and that energises her.

One day, she was tasked to work through a database to get some much needed information for her clients. She sought the help from her projects group, in particular an individual who has an almost direct opposite Emergenetics Profile from her: blue-green 1-1-1. What she thought was a perfect brief given, did not quite resonate with the her team mate, resulting in not getting what she wanted. In her reflections, she realised she had let her 3rd-Third expressiveness overwhelm the brief and had not made space for the other to ask questions, which was what her team mate needed to do.

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