Leveraging preferences to bring out the best in students

In any classroom, there will be many students who fall at different parts of the Expressiveness spectrum.

Marie Unger spoke about STEP (Student/Teacher Emergenetics Programme)TM to a particular teacher and focused a little more about the expresssiveness spectrum among students.

They spoke about one particular student that was probably in 3/3 of the expressiveness spectrum. She told the student that he was given 5 minutes before and after an assessment to talk, to talk about the assement or anything that he'd like to speak about to another student. She went on to tell the student that with the extra 10 minutes to talk, he would need to give his undivided focus and attention to the assessment that he had to take.

Given the opportunity to do so, he gained energy and confidence and he did exceptionally well on this assessment. Both Marie and the teacher believe that it was because they leveraged on his preferences to bring out the best in him.

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