Emergenetics is about preferences, not abilities

Emergenetics is about preferences, not about ability. This has helped both Lionel and Kaiyang in setting up a business together. Lionel has a social and conceptual preference, with all behaviours in 3/3 of the spectrum, whereas Kaiyang has a conceptual and structural preference with all behaviours in 1/3 of the spectrum.

While Lionel may come up with crazy and other-worldly ideas from time to time, Kaiyang takes it upon himself to mention that it may not be feasible. And with their behavioral preferences at extreme ends of the spectrum, it can be quite difficult to communicate.

With Emergenetics, it has helped them be more aware of how they prefer to work. Doing something that they prefer not to do may take up more energy, but that doesn't imply anything about competencies or ability.

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