Using Emergenetics to understand the gap in my team.

The exciting yet daunting task of building up the Emergenetics Selection Program (ESP) team fell upon Kelly Fullerton. At that point, she was allowed to hire an intern to assist her. Putting her money where her mouth was, she used the Emergenetics Selection Program to do the job analysis which identified what the role truly entailed. Knowing her own profile (red-blue-3-3-2) as well as identifying the kind of profile she was looking for in her intern, she was able to identify the right fit for the role.

The intern was indeed a wonderful fit, and she was able to build ESP up to a new phase. Apart from having passion for the job, the intern had the right skills for the tasks that came along and performed them well.

This is a good example and case study for clients to show that we have used ESP ourselves for hiring and it has done wonders for us!

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