Emergenetics as a Common Language to Harness Diversity

Austin Schneider came from a work environment that was very comfortable. Everyone spoke the same language and came from similar cultures. However, when he moved across the Atlantic ocean, to an environment where almost everyone spoke a different language and came from different backgrounds and cultures, communicating then became a challenge.

Yet, Austin managed to overcome such challenges and barriers with the help of Emergenetics. Emergenetics became the common language for all, and help smooth over working disparities.

This shows just how powerful the tool is: the ability to know each others' preferences and using this knowledge to build relationships, and address deep challenges, problems and concerns they were facing. This is a very positive and productive way to work through common issues together.

Emergenetics is continually being used in an international setting, especially during meetings to help people understand one another better and work through any task given.

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