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No matter how people and organizations are using Emergenetics, we're hearing great things. It's about impact and results.
Emergenetics in Healthcare

Recent acquisitions in our market brought new faces to our health system, so we needed a way to appreciate all these differences while moving us forward as a leadership team. As we settled on Emergenetics as the centerpiece to our Leadership Program, we hoped that the tool would provide a focal point for communication and a catalyst for a cultural shift. It has done that and more.

After a recent seminar with our Directors, one of them sat by me in a meeting this week. His Emergenetics experience was truly eye-opening and profoundly impacted his outlook on those around him – including his peers and his staff. We feel very confident that Emergenetics will move our leaders to more creative, more productive, and more diverse teams – all in a positive format.

Kerry FlowersVP, Organizational Development
Emergenetics in Leadership Development

Emergenetics is an integral component of Duncan Aviation’s leadership education program. The improved communication and team interaction realized through Emergenetics has allowed the company to increase the size of technical work-teams from an average of 10 members to 18 members, which creates a ‘flat’ and efficient organization.

Jeannine Falter, PhD.Vice President Business Development
Emergenetics for Consultants and Trainers

Emergenetics has proven to be the single most important tool in my consulting arsenal. It enables my workshop attendees to understand in a whole new way how they process information, make decisions, organize their world and respond to the people around them. As one of my attendees said last year, “it makes it possible to talk about personal things impersonally.” I can’t imagine doing the work I do in communication and management skills training without Emergenetics.


Eric KeiserEmergenetics Certified Associate and Owner
Emergenetics in Banking and Finance

Emergenetics allowed our team to gain a better understanding of one another. During the retreat, it was amazing to see the energy that the team had as a result of seeing one another’s brain. Perhaps the greatest benefit is that it has carried over into our work environment, enabling us to be a stronger team.

Amy G. IsolaSVP
Emergenetics for Small Businesses

For more than a decade we have employed Emergenetics as team-forming aid at JMC Marketing Communications & PR. As a micro business with global clients, we frequently take on challenging assignments that would challenge even the largest agencies. The key to succeeding time and again has been our ability to deploy a teams comprised of members with the talents, experiences and energies needed. Emergenetics not only helps guide putting the right strengths in the right roles, it is also provides a language that cast members use with one another as they sort out handling tasks and responsibilities as they arise.

John MallenPresident & CEO
Emergenetics in Government

Emergenetics was the best insight I have ever heard on who we are; how respect each other; how to use the “data” we have to better communicate; and how to work to our strengths!

Charles E. HarmanChief of Staff
ESP for Hiring

This test has helped me uncover things that I never would have uncovered through an interview process. We won’t hire anyone that hasn’t gone through the ESP process.


Sanford ChandlerPresident
Emergenetics Webinars

I thought the webinar was insightful from an internal [corporate] perspective. The key for me was follow-up because being more effective at this makes our training dept. even more valuable.

Terry LeePerformance Development Consultant
STEP Program in Schools

As a teacher, I look forward to preparing lessons keeping their preferences in mind. The material presented is based on the latest research of the brain and what motivates the brain to learn and react.

Jacqueline LabatAssistant Principal of Students
Emergenetics in Higher Education

The Emergenetics profile and training has been farther reaching than I would have ever imagined. In this field of education transformation, learning how to listen and engage each other with support is vital and this training taught us that, while learning about ourselves.

Stephanie D. Carlos Distinguished Educator Program

Dear Sangeeta, 

Good evening. Thank you for the very interesting course that you and Vivien conducted today. I have been to a few similar courses, but I have to admit this is among the better ones, mainly because its practical, helps to better understand ourself, especially our strength and how we can use this to benefit the organisation.

Mr. Peter Cheah

Dear Sangeeta,

Many thanks for the insightful session. Much appreciated.


Marweena Manan

Emergenetics membantu dalam hala tuju yang telah ditetapkan untuk meningkatkan pretasi kerja dan menyesuaikan gaya kepimpinan kita mengikut kompetensi.

SAC Dato' Aishah

Dear Sangeeta,

Thank you for facilitating “Kursus Mengenali Diri” workshop for all our staff. We learn different ways to communicate and work effectively as a team and I now understand my team better.

Pn. Raja Maimunah, Pengurus Besar

Hi Sangeeta,

My direct report team in US is interested to attend the same class like what we did in Penang.

Siew Pin
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