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Terence Quek
Chief Executive Officer, Emergenetics International – Asia Pacific

Terence Quek is CEO of Emergenetics International – Asia Pacific and heads the strategic development and business operations of Emergenetics International across territories in Asia Pacific. Having completed 13 years of service in the Republic of Singapore Navy and being involved in a wide spectrum of work ranging from operations to strategic planning, and finally co-establishing the corporate communications department, Terence co-founded Caelan & Sage, a creative think tank focusing on strategic communications with four arms offering solutions in branding and design, public relations, corporate training and high profiled events management. Over four years, the company grew from a zero-investment company to a million-dollar turnover company which led it to merge with Emergenetics Asia in 2012 to form Emergenetics Caelan & Sage.

As a fully certified Emergenetics associate since 2006, Terence grew a training consultancy as part of Caelan & Sage with Emergenetics as its core program. He developed several customized training solutions for clients including People’s Association and Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games. He also developed the world’s first adventure-based Emergenetics program. Apart from training, Terence also facilitated c-suite level meetings and corporate planning workshops, helping organizations like ReCAAP ISC define their vision, mission and values, and charting strategies and work plans. He also works regularly on training projects with the Asia Europe Foundation and Singapore International Foundation and has trained across Asia and Europe.

Over the years, Terence has led his team in several high profiled projects, including public relations for Team Singapore in all major games in 2010 and event management for The Royal Trophy in Thailand, Brunei and China since the 2009 edition. He also edited and launched an e-newsletter for an alumni office of a University business school and worked with the Singapore government on several national campaigns.

Apart from work, Terence is actively serving the local and international community. He is District Councillor for South West Community Development Council and Chairman of SAFRA Punggol Clubhouse development committee. He is also Director of Communications and Outreach for Project Happy Feet, which supports training and education of underprivileged children in developing countries. He was awarded Honoree of JCI The Young Outstanding Person of Singapore 2009 for Humanitarian and/or Voluntary Leadership.

Terence won two awards from the Republic of Singapore Navy, graduating from Britannia Royal Naval College in Dartmouth, UK and with an Honours degree in Psychology from the University of Sheffield, UK. He was awarded a scholarship by the Singapore government to pursue a Masters of Science in Communication Management at Singapore Management University.

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