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In Your Personal Development

Realize Your Full Potential

Understanding ourselves is the essential to building positive and productive relationships with others. Through the Emergenetics Profile, you will gain insight into preferences for thinking and behaving that have emerged from your genetic background and life experiences.

With this knowledge, you can understand how you generally prefer to relate to and communicate with others. Awareness of your approaches to daily interactions will help you discover your gifts and potential blind spots as well as develop strategies to be more effective personally and when relating to others.

You can realize your full potential through a collection of Emergenetics offerings including:

Emergenetics Profile and Virtual Debrief

The first step to deepen your self-awareness is to complete a brief questionnaire to identify your preferences in the seven thinking and behavioral attributes and generate an Emergenetics Profile. Upon completion, you’ll schedule a 60-minute debrief session with a Certified Emergenetics Associate. This program also includes an custom Narrative Report further explaining your specific Profile as well as a copy of “Emergenetics: Tap into the New Science of Success” to further guide your understanding.

Emergenetics+ Mobile App

Revolutionary in the world of psychometric assessment tools, the Emergenetics+ app puts the power of Emergenetics in the palm of your hand. Once you complete the Emergenetics Profile and your debrief, you can connect with other Profile holders, access tips to facilitate interactions with others as well as bridge the gaps between those with other preferences. Download the free app on iOS or Android now!

Learn More About Emergenetics!

If you have any questions about Emergenetics for Personal Development, please contact and include Personal Development in the subject line.

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