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In Your Family

Strengthen Your Family Relationships

Some of our most valued relationships are the ones we share with people at home and in our families. The Emergenetics Profile provides insight into how you prefer to think and behave, which is the first step in strengthening your relationships with others. When you understand how others approach communication, interactions and problem solving, you can intuitively build greater stronger ties and deepen trust with others, family members, spouses, parents and children.

Our programs for families provide you and your loved ones the opportunity to relate to each other in a way that encourages acceptance, growth and connection. Both adults and children, over the age of 10, can participate in our family programming. At Emergenetics we consider everyone family, so this experience can be used with friends, roommates or  any group of five who want to know more about each other and strengthen interactions.

Start improving understanding in your family through one of the following:

Emergenetics Profile and Virtual Debrief for Couples

The first step for the couples is to complete a brief questionnaire to identify your preferences in the seven thinking and behavioral attributes. Upon completion, you’ll schedule a 90-minute debrief session with a Certified Emergenetics Associate. The session will guide you through your personal results as well as how you are likely to interact with one another based on your preferences. You will each receive a custom Narrative Report as well as gain tips and strategies to improve communication, connect on a deeper level and share a new understanding.

Emergenetics for Your Family

Our Family Experience includes five Emergenetics Adult Profiles or Youth Reports (for ages 10 – 18) and accompanying customized Narrative Reports. Your family will also receive Tip Sheets for interactions based on your adult profiles and youth reports as well as a group report that showcases your family as a whole. You will participate in a 90-minute virtual debrief with a Certified Emergenetics Associate to ensure everyone understands their results and how they positively impact family dynamics.

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