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Team Tip Sheet Booklet

This team exhibits preferences as a Group (viewable in the Group Report) in Analytical, Social and Structural Thinking, which means that they will tend to focus on people and process first while analyzing the logic behind decisions. Behaviorally, you can see where the team falls on the Spectrum via the Emergenetics Combined Scores Report. Finally, using the WEteam Report, the team is able to view all invidual Profiles and quickly and easily see team member differences and preferences.

This Tip Sheet informs Fred Doe’s co-workers to get to the point when presenting him with information, be prepared for oral communication when a decision needs to be made, and to initiate action with a foundation set and to ask for directions. As a Leader Fred is generally easygoing and keeps everyone informed. He is not likely flustered when the unexpected happens and he probably excels at teambuilding and mentoring.

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