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John Doe's Tip Sheet

Emergenetics Tip Sheets provide interaction and communication tips for an individual based on their unique profile. The 2-sided sheet showcases an individual’s Emergenetics Profile along with narrative text to describe thinking styles, behavioral tendencies and leadership styles.

This Tip Sheet informs John Doe’s co-workers to get to the point when presenting him with information and to be prepared for oral communication when a decision needs to be made. To initiate action with John, it is best to approach him with a foundation set and to ask for directions. As a Leader John is generally easygoing and keeps everyone informed. He is not likely flustered when the unexpected happens and he probably excels at teambuilding and mentoring. As a tri-modal thinker, he instinctively threads each of his preferences through one another – in this way, his ideas and interactions have elements of a variety of approaches.

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