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Neil Sample's ESP Report
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ESP provides hiring managers with an accurate measure of each candidate’s motivation, skills, and abilities to help them narrow down the pool of qualified candidates. The 1-page report is customized for each job, and compares a candidate’s results with the pre-determined qualities necessary to be successful in the position.

In Neil’s Report we see that Willingness to Change is a motivator that is a high priority for the position. Neil’s ranking this factor lower than others (a 7 out of 9) indicates to the hiring manager that this is an area to discuss in a behavioral interview. Neil met or exceeded the minimum score for each of the Aptitudes except for Verbal Comprehension, prompting the hiring manager to determine the importance of this skill versus the other qualities of the candidate.

Neil’s job prioritization score shows that he has a good overall work ethic and puts the goals of the job ahead of his personal goals.

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