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Our Impact

Our goal is to maximize human potential. By giving people and organizations a common language that drives results, we're doing just that.

Since 1991, Emergenetics International, through its growing network of certified associates and partners operating in 45 cities around the world, have been helping individuals, teams, and organisations realise their potential through revealing thinking and behavioural preferences.

The Emergenetics Profile reveals your brilliance – the way you prefer to think and behave. We help people and organisations thrive by giving them a simpler, easier way to understand themselves and others, and build interpersonal strategies that drive performance. Every tool in our human capital suite is built for use in the workplace, in education, in your family, and in your community involvement. The result is a simpler, easier way to understand yourself and others, which maximises your performance.

Our goal is ultimately to maximize human potential. By giving people and organisations a universal language that drives results- we’re doing just that.

Read our case studies and testimonials to find out more.

Emergenetics products bring results such as increased employee engagement, more effective leadership, and high performing teams.

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