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Inspiring Learning, Impacting Education

Inspiring Learning

We are taking education to new heights with STEP. To inspire learning, we begin with understanding what motivates each brain to learn. The STEP Thinking and Behavioral Preference Report is a concrete tool that allows teachers to have an enhanced understanding of each student. Teachers use this insight to create energized classroom activities that make learning more productive, fun and sustainable. Schools are reporting that student understanding of self and tolerance of their classmates creates a positive environment for learning. STEP can be directly related to improving skills such as Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration and Creativity.

Impacting Education

Educators are using STEP to establish a common language and a culture of appreciation. Team performance, leadership and collaboration tools are being applied to enhance communication from the central office to classrooms. Educational leaders are using the Thinking and Behavioral Preferences as a template for their professional and strategic development meetings. STEP has gained tremendous headway in the United States and is beginning to transform classrooms and impact education around the world.

Click HERE to find out more about STEP and how you, too, can transform your classroom.

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