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Emergenetics+ Technical Support

Welcome to the support page for the Emergenetics+ Associate and Participant portal.

Outlined below you can find information on the browsers supported by our web applications, trainings and user guides as well as who to reach out to for technical challenges.

Supported Browsers

The latest version of Emergenetics+ was released on November 30, 2019. This web application supports the most recent three versions of following browsers at the time of our latest release:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari on MAC

Emergenetics+ is also available on Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.

Emergenetics+ supports the following mobile OS versions and their browser(s):

  • Native Chrome web browser on Android 6 and greater
  • Safari web browser on Apple iOS 9 and greater

User Guides and Training

Our User Guide is available on Emergenetics+ in the “My Library” tab under “Tutorials.” In this section, you may also find webinar recordings to help you learn to better use the web application.

Forgot your password?

If you have forgotten your Emergenetics+ password and need to reset it, please click here.


If you are experiencing any errors on the portal, please follow the prompts in Emergenetics+ to attempt your query again. If the error reoccurs or if you are still having technical challenges, connect with our regional support teams.

If you are located in the Asia Pacific region, reach out to us at

If you are located in Europe, Africa or the Middle East, email us at:

If you are located in North America, South America or Central America, contact us at:

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