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Kimberly Doe's Profile
Sample Emergenetics Profile of Kimberly Doe Click image to zoom in

Kimberly is a Blue/Green Thinker in the 1/3rd of Expressiveness, 2/3rd of Assertiveness and 2/3rd of Flexbility. This tells us that Kimberly probably likes details and looking at things very logically. She will generally push her ideas ahead although she may not always speak up. She can thrive in a fast-changing or steady environment.

A key element of the Emergenetics Profile is the thinking pie chart. This chart shows what is going on inside a person’s head. It also indicates which Thinking Attributes are preferences. Our research has shown that any portion of the pie that is 23% or larger indicates a preference. The pie chart also is a quick visual guide for how you or others will approach their work and life.

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