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Janet Doe's Profile
Sample Emergenetics Profile of Janet Walker Click image to zoom in

Janet also has three preferences (Structural, Social and Conceptual). Having this kind of Profile means that Janet is likely concerned with process and work that is logical, concrete and rational. She is however, also concerned with how decisions affect people and the big picture. Janet is generally easygoing and open-minded, but she can vary her Expressiveness based on the situation.

The Emergenetics Behaviors are one of the most important parts of the Profile. A person’s behaviors are what others can see first, but they play a significant role into how Thinking and genetic differences are played out. The Behavioral Percentile bars showcase a statistically accurate depiction of where you fall on the spectrum for Expressiveness, Assertiveness and Flexibility. Behaviors are also divided into thirds, because our research has shown that behaviors tend to group across the population by thirds.

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