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Fred Doe's Profile
Sample Emergenetics Profile of Fred Simpson Click image to zoom in

Fred has a tri-modal Profile, meaning he has three thinking preferences (Analytical, Social and Conceptual).With one Thinking preference in the Left Brain (Analytical) and two from the Right Brain (Social and Conceptual), Fred is able to empathize with other ways of thinking and understand nearly anyone. Fred is animated and lively and probably keeps everyone informed while keeping the peace.

What helps set the Emergenetics Profile apart is how each person is compared to the population. Bar charts in four colors show a person’s Thinking Attributes in percentiles. Analytical thinking is shown in Blue, Structural thinking in Green, Social thinking in Red, and Conceptual thinking in Yellow. This provides a way to see, at a glance, the amount of energy you invest in Analytical, Structural, Social, and Conceptual thinking. The bars also show how your individual results statistically compare to the population at large for your gender.

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