Dr. Geil Browning
CEO & Founder
Emergenetics International

Every leader approaches their job differently and brings their own individual gifts. We are often asked which Emergenetics® Profile makes the best leader, and I always have the same answer: all of them!

In my book Work That Works, I share seven principles that will guide leaders in becoming more effective in the office and more fulfilled in their personal lives.

I start with Principle #1, which focuses on knowing who you are. You may think this is an easy box to check; however, many individuals often are not as self-aware as they think. This principle guides you through a thoughtful exploration of your strengths and learning how to work through them.

You are brilliant as you are, and we don’t want you to change. We simply want you to become aware of what comes naturally to you and how you can flex into those less comfortable areas to meet the needs of your people and your company.

For this week’s Motivation Monday, I invite you to think through the lens of your Emergenetics Profile and consider:

  • What do you view to be your strengths as a leader?
  • How does that show up in your daily interactions?

The more you understand and utilize your strengths, the more effective you will be in both your work and your life.

For more tips on how to apply the principles in Work That Works, purchase a copy of my book here or fill out the form below to purchase the companion card deck, which provides actionable tips to support your leadership journey.