Shana Bosler | Emergenetics Assistant Director, Associate Development

Shana Bosler | Emergenetics
Assistant Director, Associate Development

Historically, Emergenetics has always celebrated Certifications. And, for anyone who has had the experience of attending an Emergenetics Certification, you know first hand it’s an accomplishment worth celebrating!

In true Emergenetics style, we celebrate throughout the Certification week. We do this because we recognize that each class is more than just a group of people getting together to learn, it’s the welcoming of new members to the Emergenetics family.

The festivities kick off the first evening of Certification when new Associates join the Emergenetics Staff for a reception. During the reception attendees gather in a circle, introduce themselves, and describe why they have decided to become an Emergenetics Associate. Inevitably there’s laughter and memorable stories shared during this exchange, which facilitates the beginnings of the Emergenetics family bond between Associates and staff. This initial gathering creates a foundation upon which Associates build throughout the week of Emergenetics immersion.

As the week progresses, ad-hoc celebrations spring up as Associates recognize each other for their brilliant achievements, furthering the culture of family.

On their last evening together, the crew gathers to break bread – and partake in cocktails – to honor their accomplishment of conquering the dreaded Meeting of the Minds presentations required by all.

We wrap up the class by taking serious and silly group photos. Hugs are exchanged while promises to stay connected are made. Regardless of the group, genuine laughter is guaranteed and quite often tears flow as the newly formed family realizes they’re parting ways.

These formal and ad-hoc celebrations commend our Associates’ dedication to delivering Emergenetics with excellence. They stem from a tradition that has spread worldwide with the ultimate goal of honoring the addition of brilliant individuals to the Emergenetics family. As we continue to grow, we look forward to infinite celebrations across the globe.