Mark Miller | VP of Marketing, Emergenetics International

Mark Miller | VP of Marketing, Emergenetics International

Workplace diversity is nothing we haven’t heard before but every new season brings across new ideas on where the state of business is going, and diversity of thought in a company is now key. At our most recent Brain Summit, we took a look through history at various “ages” – from the Industrial Age to the Information Age to the Conceptual Age. And now…we feel it is time for a new age where all types of diversity can be taken into account.

We posited that although information, innovation, and ideas are all cogs of the continued advancement of the way we work and live…the biggest driver (or in other words the gear driving the cogs) is, and will always be, people. We are in the Human Age…an age where creating an interactive and open atmosphere for leaders to thrive in will drive businesses forward while also aiding  “employee” cognitive diversity.

Emergenetics provides the science behind better understanding of the way others think as well as themselves. It’s a formula that can help create better leaders to cater to the workplace diversity of a company…which in turn creates stronger organizations more open to people’s thinking preferences.

Learning and Development and Talent Management are critical fields in this Human Age…and we are not alone in looking at this kind of role in helping shape our future. According to industry researchers Bersin and Associates, the top trend in L&D and Talent Management is: Diversity as a Talent Management Strategy.

To underscore diversity’s importance in the workplace is not evolutionary, but in this case Bersin notes that their research participants pointed not only to traditional measures of diversity, but also to “diversity of thought”. It’s no longer companies like Emergenetics driving the push to know more about people – leaders and businesses alike are realizing that it is critical, necessary, and profitable for their people to know who they are, know who their teammates are, and know how to capitalize on a bevy of strengths, perspectives, and preferences.

So, as you walk into your office every morning, take a look at your own teams and departments…Do you know how everyone works best? What perspective each person is coming from? How to build on each person’s strengths to create a stronger whole? If not, maybe you see how Emergenetics can help.