You have a client. Your client has a problem he or she wants solved.

And you have a tool, a great powerful tool. That’s the Emergenetics Profile.

The next step is then to know what to do next. Sometimes, clients can throw us a wide range of challenges they want solved. And these challenges can be as unique and as diverse as the clients themselves.

In such situations, we need to make sure we have the right skills and know-how to deliver the right solution to your customers.

It’s a 3-step simple approach:


Step 1: Diagnose the organisation

Assess the organisation and see what is exactly going on in the company. Look into their business, processes and people management, and find root elements that are causing challenges to arise. Listen, listen and listen.


Step 2: Offer a holistic solution, don’t just use the Profile

The Emergenetics Profile is indeed powerful, but that is not what clients need or want. They want solutions. The solutions have to be comprehensive, customised to their needs and ultimately effective. Emergenetics can do all of that!


Step 3: Evaluate and re-evaluate

Enhancing the performance of an organisation is a journey. It can’t be done with a simple wave of a magic wand (though we wish it could). Stay through the course and continually evaluate the impact and results.


It may seem simple, but it’s not simplistic. How do we achieve these 3 steps?

Here’s where we have a full-day training programme during the Whole Emergenetics Week (WEweek) for our Emergenetics associates to learn just that, and actually develop some real frameworks that you can take home straight away.

Programme Outline

– Recap of Emergenetics tools and frameworks

– Integrating Emergenetics into concepts and frameworks

– Consensus building

– Problem solving

– Innovation and brainstorming

– Leadership

– Personal development

– Strategic planning

– New Tool Kit and Material

– Working frameworks (Group work)

– Hands-on experience to outline your own workshop


Presented and developed by Master Associates Terence Quek and Colin Yeow, who have run numerous Emergenetics-based workshops, this workshop will offer you tools you can immediately use!


Terence and Colin_Emergenetics

Terence and Colin – the ultimate WEteam!





  • Want more than just MOTMs and would prefer a more comprehensive solution and programme for their clients
  • Want to equip themselves with the skills and know-how of customising programmes for various needs in this changing climate
  • Gain new Emergenetics-infused programmes at the end of the session


Is this something you would like to be empowered with? Then it’s time to make a stand and take action to equip yourselves with skills.


 Emergenetics at Work Programme Highlight

Tips, Frameworks and Tools for Applying Emergenetics to Anything Your Client Throws at You

23 August 2016, Tuesday

9am – 6pm

$700 per seat



About Terence Quek, CEO of Emergenetics International – Asia Pacific

Emergenetics_Terence QuekTerence Quek is CEO of Emergenetics International – Asia Pacific and heads the strategic development and business operations of Emergenetics International across territories in Asia Pacific. He co-founded Caelan & Sage, a creative think tank focusing on strategic communications, offering solutions in branding and design, public relations, corporate training and high profiled events management. Over four years, the company grew from a zero-investment company to a million-dollar turnover company which led it to merge with Emergenetics Asia in 2012 to form Emergenetics Caelan & Sage.

As a fully certified Emergenetics associate since 2006, Terence grew a training consultancy as part of Caelan & Sage with Emergenetics as its core program. He developed several customized training solutions for clients including People’s Association and Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games. He also developed the world’s first adventure-based Emergenetics program. Terence also facilitated C-suite level meetings and corporate planning workshops, helping organisations define their vision, mission and values, and charting strategies and work plans. He also works regularly on training projects with the Asia Europe Foundation and Singapore International Foundation and has trained across Asia and Europe.


About Colin Yeow, Deputy CEO of Emergenetics International Asia Pacific

Emergenetics_Colin Yeow
As Master Associate and Deputy CEO of Emergenetics International – Asia Pacific, Colin Yeow is involved in the overall strategic planning, business development and growth of the company in Asia-Pacific. Colin also conducts Certification (train-the-trainer) Workshops throughout Asia-Pacific, and oversees the further training, development and growth of our Associates.

As a Certified Emergenetics Associate since 2008, and a Master Associate since 2012, Colin has assisted in or conducted over 20 Certification Workshops, in addition to a myriad of Emergenetics-based workshops, seminars and talks for various corporate, government, schools and non-profit organisations. To date, he has trained over 1600 people in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and UK. Colin is also a Certified Action Learning Coach with the World Institute of Action Learning and is passionate about helping individuals and teams realise their potential.

He has also received awards for his entrepreneurial efforts in the education sector in Pune, India including one from the University of Pune and a Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the Rotary Club of Pune Nagar Road.