Dr. Geil Browning
CEO & Founder
Emergenetics International

This month we have been talking about Principle #5 in my book Work That Works entitled Using the Power of WE: Techniques to Unleash Your Team’s Potential.

One of the benefits of using the Emergenetics® Profile at an organization is the ability to create WEteams—a group of people that represent all of the Emergenetics Attributes. By accessing each preference, these teams have the potential to operate more efficiently and reach more effective solutions.

If your team happens to form a WEteam, you are ready to get working. However, if any of the Attributes are not represented, I invite you to take what we call a WEapproach, which means finding an inventive way to create the effect of a WEteam.

In last week’s blog I recommended inviting an “outsider” to join. Today I’d like to share another approach that we call WEboarding by following these steps:

  1. Post 10 sheets of flipchart paper around the meeting room.
  2. On each chart, write the name of one Attribute. This includes one for each of the four Thinking Attributes and two for each of the Behavioral Attributes (one for first-third Behaviors and one for third-third Behaviors).
  3. Give team members time to move around the room and quietly capture their thoughts about what each Attribute might add regarding your topic. Have them write at least one insight on every piece of paper, whether they have that Attribute or not.

This method ensures that you are considering all perspectives around your topic. It is also a wonderful opportunity for participants to practice flexing into those areas that may feel more scratchy.

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