Dr. Geil Browning
CEO & Founder
Emergenetics International

In this month’s Motivation Monday series, we will explore Principle #5 in my book Work That Works. This principle is entitled Using the Power of WE: Techniques to Unleash Your Team’s Potential.

As we have shared in several blogs over the years, cognitive diversity is a critical component of team success. At Emergenetics, we help organizations harness diversity of thought through WEteams, which are groups of individuals who collectively represent every Thinking Attribute and a range of Behavioral Attributes. Yet, in small teams, it may be challenging to assemble a full WEteam.

In these situations, we may need to implement creative solutions to utilize cognitive diversity. In Principle #5, I explore this concept in depth, and over the next three weeks, I will share a few tips from the Work That Works companion card deck to help you address this challenge.

As my first remedy, I recommend that you invite an “outsider” to join you when you have an under-represented Attribute. An “outsider” is anyone with an Attribute that is missing on your team.

Don’t worry if they are not adept at what you’re working on. In fact, numerous case studies have shown this can be a good thing! The goal is to have this person’s perspective and to bring the missing Attribute into the conversation. Clearly articulate the role you want this person to play so that they feel safe contributing an alternative viewpoint.

With their input, you can feel confident that you have approached your challenge from every angle, which will ultimately lead to more successful outcomes.

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