Mark Miller | Emergenetics International VP of Marketing

Mark Miller | Emergenetics International VP of Marketing

The key word for 2011 should be people. With the economy still in a state of flux (although hopefully rising) and companies either looking for new ways to get stronger, more vibrant, smart people into their organization (read: social recruiting, looking outside the typical recruitment networks) or looking to keep the best employees they have…in my book people are going to be the key driver for advancing businesses in 2011.

Companies who get talent management right…from recruiting to employee engagement…to leadership development, are going to take the next step.  Companies that can’t compete in those key areas, will see less than ideal results and more difficulty in building the core elements of their business.

I’ve read talent management trends from everyone from ASTD to the Human Capital League and a few things have stuck out to me:

  1. Business and HR are becoming more and more intertwined – HR strategies are mixing with business competencies, and this is a good thing.
  2. Companies are looking to find new ways to find the best people – resumes, traditional recruitment, and aren’t cutting it anymore.
  3. Performance reviews and performance management are becoming extremely valued – but are companies doing it right and ensuring that employees and managers are getting value from these exercises?

One trend that I see for 2011 that I haven’t found a lot of experts talking about is…wait for it…personalization. I think companies are starting to realize the incredible power of customizing approaches to talent management – whether in more focused, clear-cut recruitment to fit small but important niches or in finding ways to connect in better with top employees.

One size fits all doesn’t work…we thought off-the-shelf was easier…but now companies are realizing that off-the-shelf talent management practices are:

  • More difficult to see real results from
  • Not geared toward a fast-paced, constantly changing business environment

Bottom line: You need to know your employees and their strengths uniquely to best understand how to empower them to reach great heights.  The top companies get it…and my prediction for 2011 is that more companies will make it happen.