Jan Ng

Jan Ng, Assistant Manager, Business Development, Emergenetics International-Asia Pacific

When the idea and planning for the Whole Emergenetics week of learning (WEweek) became real, the excitement in our Singapore office grew week by week.


There were so many ideas, possibilities and permutations of how the week could be. Yet, we had an objective in mind – and that was to create a series of events that could help our associates not only develop their knowledge and skills of Emergenetics further, but also connect them together in bonds of friendship and comradery.


Thus, a theme was developed for this objective in mind – “Connecting People, Harnessing Potential.” With the theme in place, our selection of speakers, topics and workshops were specially curated to ensure maximum learning for our associates.


Are we keeping up with the times, and growing our business with digital and social media? How do we engage our youth effectively? Have we begun to effectively use data in the work that we do? And what ideas can we learn from companies who have used Emergenetics effectively in their own organisations? These were some of the many questions on our minds when we searched for the speakers specially for you!


Yet, throughout the week, there was one lesson though that permeated throughout each event that was never said, taught nor coached. And that was the positivity of positive connections.


What do I mean? We had associates coming over from all across the region in one place. For some, it was their first time coming to an Emergenetics event in Singapore. Yet despite hailing from different countries, speaking in different languages and coming from different backgrounds, all of them were able to connect with one other. This was because all of them knew Emergenetics, and knew in one way or another, they all shared common thinking and behaviourial preferences. This can’t speak truer than when we saw our associates share their Emergenetics Profiles or preference codes with one another.


Emergenetics has often been attributed as a common language to help level differences. This week, I saw how true that was. And it felt good to be part of a community who understood this.


Throughout the week, I saw connections being rekindled and new relationships forming amongst the associates. The Expressiveness spectrum was buzzing thoroughly with the number of nods, handshakes and hugs shared all around through the day, with laughter filling the space often amidst the learning.


As the different talks, master clinics and dialogue session took place, there was a simultaneous buzzing of discussion between our associates to cement the information gathered from the various speakers. Many experiences were shared with one another, to encourage sustained learning.


The experience at Whole Emergenetics week of learning was not only enlightening, but also filled with inspiration to bring Emergenetics to every mind. How powerful a tool we have in our hands!


We are all empowered to harness this wonderful gift we have been given to bring out the full potential in both ourselves and others.  Because sometimes, the intangibles do matter.