Karen Hulett | Emergenetics International Vice President of Finance

Karen Hulett | Emergenetics
Vice President of Finance

When someone at the office announces a celebration, most of us think, “Party Time! There must be cake in the break room!” Even though I’m always up for cake, there’s a difference between the party and a true celebration of a company’s accomplishments.

Here at Emergenetics International, we’re celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Emergenetics Profile. So why take the time, expense, and resources to share our achievement with our global connections? Because our company culture values our brand, brilliant team members, and the way we interweave humanness and community into the workplace. We’re offering a celebration not only within our walls but as an expression of our outward gratitude to our friends and associates. The amazing part is the ROI that comes back to us because we’re celebrating.

Celebrations bring a vision-driven group even closer when everyone, from the newest intern to the CEO, takes part in owning the accomplishments that bring a company to the next level. Everyone brings their unique thinking and behavior preferences to the table when we’re creating new or updated products. There isn’t a single product we offer that hasn’t been touched, in some form, by everyone in our office. When success emerges from these new products, the value of each contributor is recognized, affirming their role as the cycle of greater productivity continues. By prizing these talents, we encourage professional and personal growth. Ask any new college grad why they choose to stay with their company and a main reason is the awareness that they are making a contribution. A profitable company understands their investments are in people and this is where they will see the returns.

We also see the ROI of celebrations when we send out positivity from all of us to all of you. At Emergenetics we prefer to share positive and inspiring stories about who we are and what we do every day and then watch as it comes back to us through other’s stories and gratitude. If you’re wondering if this hits the bottom line, I promise, it does.

So, you may choose to forgo the time and cost necessary to create a celebration or you may throw your hands up in victory and recognize what an amazing team is capable of. And we would certainly agree that there’s always room for cake… make mine chocolate, chocolate chip.