Mark Miller | Emergenetics International VP of Marketing

Mark Miller | Emergenetics International VP of Marketing

It’s been a while since my last “What have I been listening to” post. For those of you who don’t know me, I start each morning with a run and a podcast. It just helps me to start my day focused, energized, and educated about what is going on in the world around me. It’s an important part of my professional and personal development.

Recently I have been shifting into different modes as I’ve been going on my morning run. Part of my brain works well when I can think deeply about our industry and what matters to our core clients – things like leadership, human performance, management, team synergy, and more components of what makes people and organizations get to optimum levels. Listening to a podcast is one way to do that, and it inspires my own thought leadership. In this regard I have been listening to and even watching (while on the subway after my run) a few new ones.

  • LDRLB – David Burkus asks really insightful questions and brings on high level guests on the topic of leadership.
  • strategy+business from Wharton – it’s an excellent review of top management thinkers that brings us into the broader picture of management theory and case examples.

I also like to think about what can make OUR company better. For me that means growing our brand, engaging our customers and getting people to know who we are, get interested in what we do and want to talk with us. Sounds so simple right?? I have found two new podcasts that I think are excellent for anyone in marketing, communications, digital and PR:

  • The Growth Show from HubSpot – I will give a huge shoutout to HubSpot for continuing their track record of great content that people can get real tangible value from. Their podcast is excellent and has already given me ideas on how we can market more effectively. Great episodes thus far in its nascent stage.
  • The Ask Gary V Show. Gary Vaynerchuk is a juggernaut of smart energy. I love his challenging straightforward style (I’m going to go out in a limb and say he’s a 3/3rd Expressive and 3/3rd Assertive). But he knows what he’s talking about and puts marketing back into common sense ideas that build on his ability to look into the future trends and be on the cutting edge. I use his ideas to help us do the same.

Finally, on some level I need times in my life where I can think about other things and turn off work for a second. For me that is a few new ones that are as compelling as it gets from a storytelling standpoint and a cultural standpoint.

  • In the storytelling front the new podcast from NPR Invisibilia is really an interesting take on what we may not typically think about…take a listen to the opening episode as it is pretty crazy.
  • On the culture front I’ve been enjoying the Dinner Party Download. It’s exactly what it sounds like, which means amazing content that will make you sound like the most interesting person in the room at your next dinner party…get sophisticated!

That’s it from me. Enjoy.