Mark Miller | VP of Marketing, Emergenetics International

Mark Miller | VP of Marketing, Emergenetics International

Personal development and growth is a central part of working at Emergenetics International. Each person has their own approach. And, as we work with organizations around the world, we’ve seen personal development become a differentiator in talent development strategies. More employees are seeking personal development outlets and are looking to their employers to integrate a personal development component into the workplace.

But, each person has their own approach, based on their unique preferences as well as how they find and consume information. For example, our Business Development team reads and discusses a book once per quarter as a group. My fellow blogger Austin Schneider spends an hour reading the news before work each morning and seeks at least one new experience each month.

For me though, my personal development comes in the form of my morning run, or more accurately, the podcasts that I listen to during the run. I’ve blogged previously about how my morning run helps me to begin each day focused, energized and educated about the world around me. For me, the run and my podcast list are an important part of my professional and personal development. And sometimes it is even the source of blog inspiration- check out my post on Zappos.

Here is my podcast list for Q2 in 2015. I hope it helps to inspire your own personal development and growth!

  • On Branding – Great look at what amazing brands are doing to build their influence and get noticed.
  • This Week in Startups – Very insightful inside look at how startups…start…and then grow into huge companies. Especially enjoyed interview with CEO of Linked In Jeff Weiner
  • HubSpot Growth Show – HubSpot CMO Mike Veeder brings on top-level speakers and asks great questions. We’re a client of HubSpot, but they also have great resources for businesses.
  • Start Up – Now onto the second season of this phenomenal show on starting a business.
  • Grantland Sports – From the ESPN network, this is sports done in a smarter, more substantive way than just typical sports-talk radio style. This is actual sports journalism filled with data.
  • IDEO Futures – IDEO is groundbreaking in the way they look at innovation. This podcast provides an amusing and interesting glimpse.

Whether your personal development comes in the form of listening, reading, or experiencing – or some combination of all of them – I encourage you to figure out what works for you and stick with it. Happy listening, and feel free to share your podcast recommendations with me @emergenetics_ on Twitter!