Geraldine Quek | Market Development Executive | Emergenetics International – Asia Pacific

Geraldine Quek | Market Development Executive | Emergenetics International – Asia Pacific

As the world faces an aging population, young adults are the next generation of leaders. So, what effective methods can we use to better prepare and integrate millennials into a place of leadership?

From a training and development standpoint, would constructing new policies and incentives attract these kinds of workers? Would new ways of working be better received? How do we change minds? Ignite passion for work?

Research (Jones, Gill. September 2005. The Thinking And Behaviour Of Young Adults (Aged 16-25), Literature Review for the Social Exclusion Unit) has shown that pure behavior change may not be the right call…at least if it is done via policy.

If we can’t truly shift behavior, how about finding ways to better match millennials’ thinking and behavioral preferences?.

We know that taking up new responsibilities, breaking away from dependence, and developing new competencies can positively affect self-perceptions. When it comes to leadership, this is even more important—fostering new and more positive identities with a holistic development approach gets at all aspects of an a young leader’s life.

The challenge here is that we as millennials do not like to be stereotyped or boxed in. We like to be exclusively different from each other. I want you to react to my OWN thinking and behavioral traits.

More and more, the millennial generation is looking to create a personal brand. This not only helps us as individuals, it allows others to know what to expect and look for when they approach you. Your brand does not determine skills, abilities or experiences. It is about strengths and preferences from one’s genes and the imprint of the perception and interaction each of us have with the world.

A Profile like Emergenetics helps develop this brand—how a person thinks and behaves in all situations in life. On a leadership level, that goes a long way in understanding a unique profile and building a personal brand. Read this article by Emergenetics International’s CEO Dr. Geil Browning to gain more insights of “brand you”.

Millennials are the future of the workplace…let’s make sure our organizations know how to stoke our leadership potential.