We are delighted to introduce to you two lovely additions to the Emergenetics International-Asia Pacific family! Introducing Boris Tan, Learning and Development Programme Executive, and Justin Koh, Associate Engagement Executive. Learn more of what they do, what they like as well as their thinking and behaviourial preferences!


Boris Tan, The Fitness Fan

Emergenetics_Boris TanMeet Boris Tan, our Learning and Development Programme Executive. He’s a tri-modal thinker, with preferences for Analytical, Structural, and Social thinking, and is a 3-1-3 in his behavioural preferences. He’s an outgoing and lively individual who has a wide variety of interests, including exercising, personal development, singing and even barbering! Anyone fancies a haircut?


One of his favourite mottos, is from one of his favourite boxers, Floyd Mayweather, that says: “Hard work and Dedication”. This is a mantra that he believes and lives by because he believes that in order to be good at something, we have to invest time and effort in it; and if we dedicate ourselves and keep working at it, nothing is impossible.


A recent graduate from the University of Exeter with a BA in Business and Management, he is keen to jump into the world of Learning and Development with us here at Emergenetics International – Asia Pacific. He hopes to support clients with their Emergenetics needs and solutions, and is eager to meet all of our Associates soon!


Come tap on his Third-Third preference in Expressiveness, and say hello when you come to our office. If you’re lucky enough, he might offer you a cup of his now-famous pu-er tea!


Justin Koh, The Foodie Fan

Emergenetics_Justin KohMeet Justin Koh, our Associate Engagement Executive. He is a tri-modal thinker, with preferences in Social, Conceptual and Structural thinking, and behaviourial preferences that lie in the first-thirds of the spectrum. He dresses to impress, and has a love interest with food. The best way to bond with him, is over a table filled with food.


Justin loves to escape the humdrum of everyday life by travelling to other countries and learning to live like the locals. He doesn’t have a preference for planning an itinerary though, but prefers to let spontaneity take the lead. He is also sure to eat up a storm in whichever country he goes to, and his 20kg luggage allowance is (mostly) dedicated to transporting food home. He is often blamed for many a failed diet, but all knows he means well.


Fresh out of university, he has been tasked to be the protégé of Alvin, our Associate Engagement Manager. He hopes to effectively and efficiently support all Associates very soon. More importantly, he is excited to meet our Emergenetics Associates and build lasting relationships with them over time to come!


So if you do pop by the office, don’t be shy and say hello to the charming guy sitting at the very first desk on Level One!