March Madness Bracket Selection StrategyIn need of a March Madness bracket selection strategy? You’be come to the right place.

The Emergenetics International Denver Office really gets into March Madness. This year in a fun twist, we decided to select brackets based on the 4 Emergenetics Thinking Preferences.  Each bracket was assigned Behavioral Preferences (you can’t forget the purple!!), and entered them into the Emergenetics March Madness Bracket Challenge.

Although you may have learned about Emergenetics through the workplace, you can apply Emergenetics insights to every aspect of your life. Your Profile helps you to understand yourself better- no matter the context. And that’s never more apparent than right now through March Madness!

We interviewed four of our Denver office staffers to find out the strategy used to create the bracket based on their assigned Preferences, and for an update on how each bracket is doing in the tournament.

Do any of these March Madness bracket selection strategies resonate you? How did you pick your bracket? Be sure to check back often for additional updates throughout the tournament!