Betsy Orton | Emergenetics International Account Manager

Betsy Orton | Emergenetics International Account Manager

Well it’s called March Madness for a reason!  With the fall of #3 seeds Iowa State and Baylor early in the tourney and a few other matchups closer than anticipated, the madness has already started.  Just as we did last year, Emergenetics International has filled out a bracket according to each of our four thinking attributes and entered it into the pool.  Last year, the Blue Bracket (representing Analytical thinking) beat out the other three. Who will win this year?

Check out bracketology approaches based on the four different Emergenetics thinking attributes:

Analytical: The Stat Hound

March Madness from the blue brain is like a kid in a candy store!  So many stats to research, so much data to consider when making their decision.  If they don’t have time to research or haven’t been following college basketball this season, they’ll most likely rely on expert picks.  They’ve probably got a great bracket app too!

From our Analytical thinker: “I took a look at the brackets of the top 3 experts and bracketologists. I also looked at how their picks performed the last two seasons to look for consistencies. I sorted through this data set to create the most likely winners.”

Structural: The Bracket Tracker

This attribute knows when the tournament begins, when brackets are due, and when the finals occur. They’re a great asset when setting up a March Madness pool as they can navigate how to set up brackets and run the pools.  Their selections are most likely informed by the seed rating or how the team has done in the past (either in tournament play or win/loss record for the season).  They’ll probably diagram out their bracket to track its status throughout the tournament.  And chances are they know the schedule for every game and have a plan for watching key games.

From our Structural thinker: “I just used the autofill function that picked winners by highest seed. Why? Structural wants guidelines and predictable answers – the best teams are ranked highest for a reason. It has the least amount of risk.”

Social: The Cinderella Story

They will join a pool because their friends are in it or they may even be the instigator for the office pool.  Watching basketball with a group of friends usually beats watching it by themselves.  They may consult their friends when making bracket selections and share their top teams on social media.  Most likely, they’re going to pick their alma matter to go all the way, regardless if they’re a #16 seed. After all, stories of amazing comebacks and overcoming adversity fuel the interest of the social brain.

From our Social thinker: “I asked other people for their opinion. If that didn’t work, I went off the cutest mascot or the most popular teams :)”

Conceptual: Mascots & Colors

Unique and different strategy to selecting your bracket?  You may have a preference in yellow!  This attribute doesn’t base their selections on stats or facts and figures. They’re usually more intrigued by the mascots and team colors.  They’re probably more excited by “March Madness” as a whole rather than just one game like “Gonzaga vs Arizona”. They enjoy the challenge of predicting a bracket, will rely on gut feelings and expect the underdog to win, but may forget to actually turn in their bracket on time!

From our Conceptual thinker: “I picked the teams that shouted “pick me, pick me!”

Depending on your level of Expressiveness, you may be telling the world how you’re doing early on in the tournament or you may be silently reveling in the fact you picked the upset!  The friendly office banter surrounding the tournament may be energizing to you or it may feel uncomfortable.  If your favorite team has already been eliminated, do you root for another team (the Cinderella story perhaps?) or are you just finished with the tournament?  Depending on where you call on the behavioral spectrum, you may answer yes to a few of these questions.

Whatever your March Madness bracketology strategy or how you interact with your bracket pool, we hope you enjoy the madness that is college basketball! And we’d love to hear how your bracketology strategy works out!. Post on social media with #EGBracketology