Emergenetics International has become increasingly involved with the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) over the past few years. We’re active in the national office and have developed a strong relationship with the ASTD NY chapter. VP of Marketing, Mark Miller recently blogged for ASTD on one of the key events for the NY region.

Below is a brief summary of the ASTD session and overview of Mark’s thoughts, but be sure to read the full blog here!

Event: Improving Human Performance: Tying Development to Strategic Business Goals for Maximum Organizational and Individual Impact

The session tied people development to business results and produced strategic long-term approaches to human capital development. The blog details the approach for creating a platform for assessments that help talent management professionals execute successful business strategies.

In addition to summarizing and analyzing the session, Mark also described personal reflections, focusing on how our work and the way organizations utilize assessments can impact the greater organization.

The full BLOG at ASTD NY’s website showcases these points in depth – Check it out!