Mark Miller | VP of Marketing, Emergenetics International

Mark Miller | VP of Marketing, Emergenetics International

Innovation is not limited to big-picture and world-changing conceptual ideas.  The process of innovating can come from all parts of the brain and prove to be extremely valuable.

You can innovate through the Analytical part of your brain through keen data analysis.  Data is one of the most vital resources businesses have at their disposal. It allows you to see how to better provide for your current customers and how what will make a difference to new ones.  Data is also what can drive innovation.

Think differently and Analytically about your work—what information and data can you leverage data from past operations of your business?

  • Transaction History
  • Website Traffic
  • Engagement with your Social Media Channels
  • Your Customer’s Habits and How They Have Interacted with You in the Past

Logical thinking centered on asking “Why” will get you one step closer to knowing what your customers are expecting. And that can aid in the development of entirely new products…or maybe just a tweak in one of the details that will make all of the difference.