Teresa Chipps | emergenetics® Vice President of Marketing

Teresa Chipps | Emergenetics
Vice President of Marketing

While working with a group of Millennials, I heard a new term – “Employer Brand.” I felt the generational gap when a new term to me actually has its own Wikipedia page. As they discussed the topic further, I learned there is a sharp focus by interviewees and recruiters alike on the equity a company demonstrates to potential new hires through the recruiting and interview process. As a marketer, it was fascinating to hear the perspective of the youngest, and now majority, of our workforce.

The general takeaway from the discussion was that companies who use assessments are perceived as more objective than those who rely solely on current employees interviewing the candidate. Because when all prospective candidates are put through the same assessment(s), it ensures an objective evaluation platform for all. While this was a perception of a small group, it certainly begs the question as to if the perception is accurate and if it warrants further investigation. Here are some inferences we can deduct from hiring assessments and their utility:

  • A hiring assessment guides an efficient process because top candidates can be identified quickly. This enables the hiring manager to spend their time with the most ideal candidates for the position.
  • Questions asked during interviews and phone screens can now be more targeted to the individual’s strengths, leaving a more favorable impression on the candidate and those who read their social media posts.
  • A point lost in many companies is that the hiring process includes quality onboarding. The Emergenetics assessment identifies two to three areas of focus that will lead to quicker productivity, higher morale, and employee engagement.

Consider evaluating your own hiring process from the view of the candidate. Does it run on a timely schedule? For instance, if the hiring process takes two to three months, what does that say about the company’s decision making tendencies? Are proper resources provided on appropriate timing to convey your concern about hiring the best candidate? If not, does your mentoring or evaluation system run similarly? When candidates who are not chosen for the role speak to friends, what will their conclusions about the process say? Is it saying what you want it to say about your company?