Mark Miller | VP of Marketing, Emergenetics International

Mark Miller | VP of Marketing, Emergenetics International

Tony Robbins says “setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”

The invisible things can sometimes overwhelm you. Projects begin to build up, team delegation becomes convoluted with scattered responsibilities, and planning realistic timelines are no longer, well…realistic. When things start to go astray, planning and know how to set goals are all the more critical if you want to get beyond reactionary business and grow as a business.

And it needs to be a comprehensive effort. Creating company goals is critical, but ensuring individual goals are made is equally important. The challenge of aligning individual and team goals with organizational objectives and goals is the next step, and obviously important.

To get aligned results, think about the following ways that goal setting can be impact-generating and actionable.  Here are some ideas on how to set goals that go beyond the typical SMART goals and bring in new perspectives:

Goals are only as good as their ability to be completed. Create a specific goal. Check to see whether or not it is attainable and can be achieved in a timely fashion. By creating tangible goals for each individual, team, and department, organizations can achieve a realistic end product.

Follow Up

Establishing a plan for achievement and following up on goals is as important as making them. Challenge your people to make sure the targeting aims are aggressive and not overly simple.

  • Try conducting weekly meetings with goal reviews.
  • Create weekly exercises in which employees and participants are only allowed to tell you whether the goal is “on or off track.”
  • Leave room for feedback and discourse at the end of each goal discussion—this opens the door for tactical discussions with your team on what to do next.

Be Collaborative

Goals are only realistic if everyone is on board. Utilize your teams and gain the cognitive diversity that is present with all kinds of thinkers and the full spectrum of behavioral tendencies.

  • Place your people in teams and groups (WEteams) based on their unique approaches to goal completion.
  • Create a forum for all perspectives to have a place for discussion.

Goal setting is critical, and I can’t say it any better than this whitepaper from Oracle—“Goal setting, given high priority and approached consistently throughout the organization, is the mechanism by which the business delivers results against its strategy. Improved shareholder value, greater profitability, increased revenue, inspired innovation—none of these can be realized without [goals].”

Now, get to it and turn invisibility into visible results.