Betsy Orton | Emergenetics International Account Manager

Betsy Orton | Emergenetics International Account Manager

It’s the end of October, the days are getting shorter and the leaves are changing colors, which can mean only one thing (ok it can many lots of things, but stay with me here!)— it’s Halloween Costume Ideas week! In the spirit of the season, we decided to look to the Emergenetics Profile for costume inspiration.

Every person has a unique set of thinking and behavioral preferences. These preferences impact how a person approaches life… which includes costume planning. And while there is an exception for every rule, more likely than not, your Profile probably plays more into the way you select a costume than you realize.

So for some Halloween fun, I present to you costume ideas that will test your knowledge of Emergenetics. Match the 4 distinct Emergenetics Profiles below to one of the costume options. Answers are at the bottom- no cheating!


Halloween Image_Betsy_Blog

Halloween Costume IdeasHalloween Costume Idea 1

I’m going as Katniss from the Hunger Games this year for Halloween.  I pretty much had everything I needed – boots, a jacket, a backpack and can braid my hair.  I covered an earring in gold foil for the pin and ended up buying an inexpensive toy bow and arrow set from the local discount store.  It was quick and easy to put together, recognizable, appropriate for all situations and cost very little money (my kids are excited to play with the bow and arrow after Halloween!).  Guess my Profile!



Halloween Costume IdeasHalloween Costume Idea 2

Halloween isn’t my favorite holiday so quick and efficient is key.  I found a white sheet in the linen closet, wrapped around and tada! Toga!  I had some sandals and borrowed a sword from my kids.  The whole costume took me 10 minutes to put together and cost no money. Guess my Profile!








Halloween Costume IdeasHalloween Costume Idea 3

My friends and I are going as Tetris this year for Halloween!  Halloween is always more fun with friends and Tetris is a fun and different costume.  Everyone gets to be their own configuration and color, but when everyone comes together, we make a great team! Guess my Profile!





Halloween Costume Ideas

Source: Party City

Halloween Costume Idea 4

What could be more classic for Halloween this year than a witch?  I have a black dress that I can use, but bought new boots, green makeup, a hat and broom to complete my costume.  It’s all about the details and making sure the costume is appropriate for the parties I’ll be attending this year. Guess my Profile!










Here are the Answers for the Halloween Costume Ideas Mix & Match game. Let us know how you did! Tweet us #EmergeneticsCostumes

Unimodal Blue 122 = Costume 2 / Toga

Green/Red 333 = Costume 4 /Witch 

Blue/Green 333 = Costume 1 / Katniss

Red/Yellow 322 = Costume 3 / Tetris