Implementing an employee development training program within an entire organization can be a daunting task. Especially in recent years when we’ve all been asked to do more with less. Instructor led training is now more challenging due to travel restrictions, budgets, and global workforces. There is constant demand for immediate business results. And sometimes those that need the training the most, employees on the frontline, can’t take a whole day off for training purposes.

So what is a company to do when they need to implement a robust program throughout multiple countries to thousands of people? They need to address issues such as interpersonal communication, building trust, creativity, and problem solving and making decisions, or even basic skills such as customer service. Time is of the essence, and all of this needs to happen in a rapidly over a short period of time.

Sound familiar? These are circumstances that we all face daily. No matter the industry, the country, or the quantity of people- coordinating an entire training program is a challenging endeavor to undertake.

And yet, we are tasked with making it happen. So how do you do it?

One place to start is to examine success stories from other people. As we know, learning by example offers techniques and perspectives that can be applied and tailored to our own circumstances. Emergenetics has worked with hundreds of companies ranging from small startups with five staff members to major global organizations with thousands of employees. Because of the Emergenetics Profile’s easy to understand nature and immediate applicability, Emergenetics can work to address any challenge your company faces.

One of our most recent success stories is the work we’ve done with Diane Lujan, Senior Manager of Global Learning and Development at Western Union.

Western Union began working with Emergenetics in 2006 when they transitioned from their parent company, and initiated a program as an aid for team formation with senior leaders to help expedite the decision making process occurring from the transition. The results from the leadership training were positive, and quickly led to individual business units implementing Emergenetics as a tool for communication and problem solving during strategy and summit meetings.

Two years ago, Diane led an initiative to provide a dedicated Employee Development Training Program targeting individual contributors spread across the world. The group was a dispersed employee population, ranging from sales representatives to call center employees to legal staff on retainer- all with limited time for traditional training. The program goal was to have web-based training delivered in small bits (about 15 minutes at a time) featuring quick-hits of impactful information aimed at self-discovery and resulting in immediate ROI for the company.

Emergenetics was implemented via a customized system of Assessments, eLearning programs, online development tools and metrics. And the amazing thing? 95% of employees said they developed new knowledge and skills via Emergenetics E-Learning modules. 98% said they would recommend the program to other Western Union employees.

What can you learn from their experience that directly applies to your company?

Diane Lujan came to the Emergenetics office to discuss the program in detail. We are proud to introduce a multi-part video case study featuring Diane as she discusses the ins and outs of creating a global training program of such a large and complex scale. Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we dive into what it looks like to conduct training on a global scale, using a blended learning approach, and utilizing social media to make it stick. All along the way Diane will point out key learnings and tips to help make implementing a training program just a little bit easier.

The full video series is available on the Emergenetics YouTube Channel.