This post is written by Emergenetics International- Europe Marketing Manager Zischa Byron. Zischa reflects on her experience attending the Emergenetics Certification class in The Netherlands in February 2014.

What exactly is Emergenetics? Why ‘Emergenetics in every mind’? Why would you want to use Emergenetics in your company? These were some of the questions I had before I started working for Emergenetics. Obviously I had read about the Emergenetics Profile and checked out the website, but that just gave me a surface level knowledge of how Emergenetics actually worked.

The first 2014 Emergenetics Certification workshop in Europe was held in The Netherlands in early February. At this time I had been working for the company for about 3 weeks. Balancing both the organizing of the workshop a well as being an attendant of the workshop was definitely a challenge. Luckily, with help from the Master Trainer and the CEO, the coordination of the workshop all came together.

As a participant, I was told all of the questions I had about Emergenetics, how it worked, why a company would use it, etc.- that it would all become clear after the workshop was over. They were right!

On the first day, during the Meeting of the Minds session, I already had several ‘a-ha’ moments. One of these moments came to me when doing one of the activities. I was placed in the green group (structural thinking) and all groups were asked to describe a certain situation. I felt very comfortable doing this task. When the activity was discussed I noticed it would not have been as easy for me to make the same description as a red (social) thinker.

This made me think about how much a person can differ from their direct colleagues and management in doing specific tasks AND how Emergenetics can help you to understand each other’s way of thinking.

Another ‘a-ha’ moment came when doing a walkabout activity with the group. I thought about how interesting it would be to do that same activity with the team you work with daily. You would recognize the other’s preferences in the work they do and how they do it. I thought this is something all companies should be doing with their teams!

Furthermore, experiencing Emergenetics during a three-day workshop has made me look back at my past working experiences. Because of my time working in the Hospitality industry it became clear how Emergenetics could be effective in that particular industry. Creating WEteams, for example, would contribute to improving efficiency and speed in every department. Looking back at my recent (small) business experience I found trust among colleagues and management is pivotal to understand each other. Emergenetics could help any small business in creating trust among employees by helping them understand each other’s thinking and behavior preferences.

Surprisingly, I have even started thinking about Emergenetics when I am at the gym. One day after finishing the workshop I went to the gym for strength training. I was scanning the room and noticed the perfectly set up sets of steps and weights. There were two set ups that caught my eye. The weights right behind the step, the lightest weight followed by the heaviest, in a perfect line. Towel placed neat on the step and a bottle of water next to it. I considered the person who prepared those set ups would most likely be a structural thinker. Scanning the room I also noticed set ups without any structure. I was immediately curious about my fellow strength-training participants’ Emergenetics Profile!

To conclude, Emergenetics is definitely in my mind! Attending the Emergenetics Certification program has convinced me that that is something every organization would benefit from. When you know how your colleague or manager prefers to think and behave, I would say you would have valuable information to communicate in an efficient and comfortable way. Saving time, greater performance, higher productivity and ultimately better results are goals Emergenetics can help any organization to achieve. So, what are you waiting for?

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